5-Star Plumbing Repipe For Clairemont Kitchen And Laundry Sewer Line!

Sewer lines are the underground pipes through which wastewater flows out of your home into municipal sewers. These pipes are the exclusive passages through which sewage, chock full of bacteria, pathogens, and other biohazards, exits your home. Functional, intact sewer lines are vital, ensuring cleanliness and sanitation, preventing wastewater from contaminating your home and the local groundwater. If your sewer lines are ever in trouble, you need a professional plumber you can count on.

We received a call from a Clairemont resident who needed a complete reroute of their kitchen and laundry line through the exterior of their home underground. We are pleased to share this success story of the entire process, which the client describes as “consistently punctual, professional, and reasonably priced”!

Kitchen & Laundry Plumbing Repipe

Call a professional plumber immediately if you notice a sudden change in how your appliances or fixtures are functioning. 

A professional plumber will be able to identify the root cause of the issue. The issue in some cases may be with the appliance or fixture itself; in others, the issue is damage to the pipes, which may be caused by age, corrosion, or shifting soil.

Some homes have underground pipes made of materials that are less durable and resistant to corrosion than modern materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). 

Using camera inspection, we are able to locate the damage and recommend either pipe lining or pipe replacement.

We advise not attempting do-it-yourself plumbing, especially on projects that are as exhaustive as repiping. DIYs can go awry and require a professional rescue, like this DIY Pipe Repair Gone Wrong! 

Trench Repipe Through The Driveway!

A plumbing repipe is the process of rebuilding or replacing a section or an entire line of old or damaged underground pipes. Prior to commencing the plumbing repipe, California Plumbing technician Devan thoroughly explained the reroute design and process to our client, using a camera to provide visual insight on the condition of the current under-slab pipes. 

California Plumbing technicians Brandon and Ernesto proceeded to saw cut bricks and pavers, with minimal disturbance to the patio area, before digging a 60-ft trench and cutting through concrete to lay new ABS pipes and fittings onto a supportive bed of ¾ inch gravel. Our client described the work of our team of technicians as “tireless” and “precise”!

We proceeded to remove 2 sections of stucco to connect pipes through the exterior of the home and into the new mainline section. We also installed dedicated cleanouts for each section of the pipes to ensure convenient above-ground access to the underground pipes for future repairs or maintenance. In the event of a clog, a cleanout can be accessed by a plumber above ground to remove the clog with a hose or snake. 

We conducted a flow test of the entire system to ensure that the connections were seamless.

Our work was not done before thoroughly cleaning up the property and restoring its condition to what our client describes as “pristine”! Our technicians repaved the driveway with a patch of concrete, refilled the turf with native soil, and restored the pavers and stucco wall. 

Going above and beyond the expectations of our client, they left us a glowing 5-star review that we are proud to share!

Call A Professional For Underground Pipe Repair

Keep your water running seamlessly and smoothly with intact pipes, drains, connections, appliances, fixtures, and more. 

For comprehensive plumbing restorations, leave the overhaul to the licensed experts and call a professional plumber today. 

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