Best Bathroom Safety For Your Home

According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 234,094 bathroom injuries occur and are treated in hospital emergency rooms a year! Here at California Plumbing SD we want all of our readers and customers to be safe. That’s why we’re breaking down several methods you can use to help prevent a bathroom injury in your home.

Never leave a child unattended. Even if it is for a few seconds, we recommend never leaving a child unattended while they are in the bathtub or shower. Which means staying no farther than a few inches away and keeping your full attention on the child. It can take only a few inches of water and a few minutes for a little one to drown even with a bath seat or infant tub. Which also means never leaving water in the tub to sit. 

Keep the floors dry. Slippery floors can be a hazard for anyone, especially children and seniors who tend to be more fragile. After a shower be sure to wipe down any excess water left on the floor to prevent a slip from happening. Use a non-slip grips or a non-slip bathroom rug or mat to ensure that the wet floor and rug don’t cause you or anyone else to slip! If your toilet happens to be leaking onto your floor, call California Plumbing SD to help you take care of that issue! 

Add a non-slip mat in the tub and handles. Installing these two safety devices can help prevent slipping going in or out of the shower or tub, a common cause of injuries in the bathroom. This is especially great for seniors and elderly. Be sure to anchor the handle with studs into the wall or the shower or tub to make sure it can support the weight of an adult coming in or out. 

Keep hazardous items out of reach. As most of these recommend, keeping cleaning product, medications, electronics, and razors out of reach of children or pets can help prevent a major accident. Any and all of these items can cause major harm to a child or pet. Your best bet would be locking these away in a cabinet or high shelf they can not reach to prevent any of those items going into the wrong hands!

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*This blog is for general understanding and educational purposes only and should not be used in place of professional advice. Please contact a professional at California Plumbing SD for a consultation.


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