Common Apartment Plumbing Problems

No matter if you’re a property owner/manager, contractor, or the renter, dealing with the problems of damaged, worn down, or misused plumbing is a headache for everyone involved. California Plumbing SD is here to help you all! Here are a couple of common plumbing issues faced with and how to deal with them in time for your plumber, California Plumbing SD, to come help!

One of the most complained about plumbing issues in apartments or apartment-like buildings are the toilets! Sometimes a stubbornly clogged toilet that can’t seemed to be cleared or continuous running of water in the tank. Prevalent causes of the clogging of toilet can be an accumulation of material in the pipes or broken sewer lines. It’s cheap and handy to keep a plunger in these cases to try to clear the blockage yourself. The increase of pressure can help eject the material and clear the passage. If this isn’t working, call your friendly professionals, California Plumbing SD, we know how to address the clogs and any possible sewage spills! Another common complained about plumbing issue in apartment or apartment like buildings would be slow drains. This can be caused by a world of different issues. There would be possible build up within the main pipes, weak pipes from drain cleaners and other harsh products that can break the pipes down over time and corrode the interior, or also a blockage of hair, scum, or other materials. You could also use a sink plunger that could help clear the blockage similarly to unclogging a toilet. It could be a health hazard attempting to clean whatever’s stuck by yourself. Make sure to steer clear of those harsh drain cleaner, with time, that can contribute to the problem of your slow drain in the first place! Your best bet in this case would be calling a professional. Whether you’re a tenant living in a high rise in beautiful Downtown San Diego or in an older courtyard building near trendy North Park try these helpful tips mentioned, if it’s not working call your property manager ASAP! Bringing a professional licensed plumber can help reduce the amount of time wasted, the headache caused, and help advise on how to prevent the issue in the future.

*This blog is for general understanding and educational purposes only and should not be used in place of professional advice. Please contact a professional at California Plumbing SD for a consultation.


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