Home Plumbing Inspection For Lemon Grove Real Estate

When you discover your dream home, it’s important to identify anything that could disturb the domestic bliss.

Hidden plumbing problems can be the cause of such. In the immediate and short term, plumbing problems can disrupt your routines, and in the long term, the damage caused by deterioration of fixtures, appliances, drains, and other components can undermine the value of your property.

We received a call from a Lemon Grove realtor to conduct a whole home plumbing inspection for their client. This inspection was to report on any issues that could not be identified visually or otherwise. To obtain a clear scope of the condition of the property that would soon become a major investment and purchase, the client opted for the camera inspection at an additional cost.

Inspection of Sewer Line And Pipes

In the crawl space beneath the house, we discovered water accumulating in the front bathroom’s ABS drain connection to the existing cast iron pipes. Our camera inspection through the backyard wall cleanout discovered a 7 foot section of ABS pipe that was completely flat with zero fall, lacking slope for effective drainage. We then discovered a crack in the cast iron pipes, approximately 1 foot next to the ABS pipes of the guest bathroom toilet. From the crawl space to the front yard cleanout, 54 feet of cast iron had a significant amount of debris in the sewer line, as well as damage by root growth and intrusion. 

The cap of the front cleanout, near the telephone pole, was missing. We placed a paving stone over the cleanout hole as a temporary measure to prevent more debris from falling into the line.

The cast iron sewer line and the ABS pipes needed to be replaced. Your sewer line is vital for the health and hygiene of your home, as it is the connection through which the wastewater from sinks, toilets, baths, and washing appliances is disposed of. Any damage or intrusion to the sewer line will obstruct drainage. Sewage backups or sewage water flooding pose sanitary health risks and cause structural water damage.

Water Pressure Regulator Inspection

A water pressure regulator protects your home by modulating the pressure from your municipal water supply to a safe range. The water pressure regulator, which had normally been at 108 psi, needed to be adjusted to 50-75 PSI. Furthermore, the main water shut-off ball valve was due for replacement. 

Water Heater Inspection

During the water heater inspection, our technician noted that the water heater was not up to code as it did not have a gas sediment trap. A gas sediment trap is an important safety feature that prevents sediment from the gas line from entering into the water heater or in proximity. Without the gas sediment trap, any debris that ends up inside the water heater may lead to a downgrade in its efficiency, or pose a fire hazard.

Our technician also noted that the water heater had a damaged cold water inlet ball valve, which meant that water may not be effectively directed into the water heater. The misdirection, or uncontrolled dripping, of water is a type of leak that ultimately wastes water, increases utility costs, and causes water damage.

Furthermore, our technician recommended the installation of an expansion tank to increase the lifespan of the water heater and improve its efficiency by maintaining a stable and controlled internal pressure as the volume and thereby pressure of water expands.

Water Appliances Inspection

In the laundry and utility sink room, our technician found an aging gas valve supply to the dryer, a broken ball valve, and points where copper and galvanized pipes are in direct contact.

In the kitchen, our technician noted that the sink faucet had low pressure. The faucet would need to be replaced; the low pressure was likely due to clogs in the angle stops, which would also need to be replaced.

The master bedroom was a diamond in the rough. To achieve its true potential as a serene sanctuary, we advised that the client have a few issues professionally repaired: the leaking shower head, the leaking diverter in the tub spouse, cracked caulking of the interior of the shower, and the slow vanity drain. 

We also recommended professional plumbing services to transform the guest bathroom from dilapidated to dazzling. The loose tub spout diverter, malfunctioning toilet flush valve and angle stop, cracking of tub-to-tile grout, and broken toilet seat all needed repair or replacement in order to provide enjoyment to future guests!

Home Plumbing Rejuvenation

The combined quote for the inspection included:

House Plumbing Inspection for Seller/Buyer for 2 or 1-1/2 bathrooms Residence

Sewer Camera Inspection from Cleanout or Roof Vent

Once the plumbing inspection was complete, the real estate agent and their buyer thanked us for the thorough assessment and decided that California Plumbing would provide comprehensive plumbing solutions to the new home.

In today’s real estate market, it is common for real estate agents and buyers to fall in love with a property, only to discover its imperfections. As exciting and as overwhelming as it may be to discover your dream home, it is important to identify and fix issues as early as possible. Whether it’s an outdated appliance or leaking connections, plumbing replacement or repair can ensure the lasting integrity and value of your real estate. When it comes to plumbing, leave the hassle to the licensed experts by calling a professional plumber. 

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