Pacific Beach Plumber Unclogs And Repairs Urinal At Popular Spot

Operating and managing a public establishment carries significant responsibilities in regards to property maintenance. Clean and functional restroom facilities contribute to customer satisfaction and thus an overall positive reputation. 

Commercial facilities typically service higher levels of usage of plumbing appliances, like sinks and toilets, than households. Problems with these appliances can disrupt the staff and guests of the establishment, and lead to health and hygiene hazards that look and smell unpleasant! 

It’s critical for both households and businesses to know who to call when these problems arise and need to be promptly addressed by an experienced plumber. 

When we were called to a popular local establishment in Pacific Beach, we delved right into inspecting and investigating the causes of the central urinal malfunction.

We uncovered the truth of the matter step by step. 

It was clear that the urinal was clogged when we attempted to flush it. We used an auger to clear the clog in the line. An auger is a staple in every plumber’s toolkit; it is a metal “snake” that can be moved throughout plumbing lines to break up clogs. When we flushed the urinal with water, we confirmed that the urinal was indeed draining. 

However, the sensor of the flush was not working. We replaced the batteries of the sensor and found that the sensor flush only activated once before shutting down. Recognizing that the battery was not the sole issue, we proceeded to test the flush valve separately, and found that the flush also did not activate with manual operation.

We continued to diagnose the issue by removing both the sensor and flush valve. We tested the water shut off valve to check if it was the source of the issue. 

A water shut off valve allows or stops the supply of water from the plumbing system to individual appliances. A water shut off valve is kept in an open position, except for when it is manually closed by a professional plumber temporarily to perform plumbing work. Malfunction of the water shut off valve can affect the proper flushing of a toilet. If the valve is stuck or blocked, it can prevent the necessary amount of water from reaching the toilet to flush. 

We determined that the water shut off valve closed and shut off properly. 

Through the process of deduction, we determined that the flush valve itself required replacement. 

We replaced our client’s current Zern flush valve with a new Sloan flush valve. As always, we tested the newly installed replacement and cleaned up our work area.

Our client was very satisfied to see the final outcome of a urinal that worked smoothly and did not leak, restoring the facility back to its former glory. 

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