Shower Serenity And Bath Bliss: Carmel Valley Unclogging And Plumbing Memberships

In life, there are certain things that cannot be resolved with a simple fix. This is especially true for one of the most important systems in your home: plumbing. 

Imagine waking up in the morning for an important day at the office. You jump into your shower for a quick scrub, only to look down and see that the water is pooling at your feet! 


You step out of the shower and you notice that the tub is backed up—the water from the bath you took last night hasn’t fully drained!

What is going on?

A client of ours had this exact problem, which we fixed, to their delight!

Why Are My Shower And Bathtub Drains Both Clogged?

It is important to understand that a single clog can affect more than one fixture or part of your home. If you have a clog affecting two fixtures at the same time, you likely have a clog in a shared section of the plumbing. These clogs are usually inaccessible or difficult to reach without professional expertise and equipment. 

Back-to-back mounted fixtures are sinks, showers, toilets, or other fixtures that operate through the same plumbing connection, either in the same room of a house or on opposite sides of the same wall.

Unclog To Unwind: Expert Plumbing Solutions

Drain cleaner is a do-it-yourself “fix” that seems easy, safe, and effective. However, drain unclogging solutions can in fact be corrosive to your plumbing system and dangerous to you and members of your household. 

At California Plumbing, we address drain issues comprehensively. While some clogs can be caused by a sudden mishap, most drain clogs form due to gradual buildup over long, unattended periods of time. Without regular professional maintenance, drains can keep getting clogged until the root cause, not just the symptoms, are addressed thoroughly.  

There are several ways in which we prevent and remove clogs. We generally use the snaking method or the hydro jetting method to unclog your drains. For this particular clog in Carmel Valley, we unclogged the shared plumbing connection between the shower and tub using a drop head cable snake, effectively removing the clogs in both areas. 

Plumbing Memberships Keep Hot Water Flowing

In addition to unclogging their drains, our client took the appointment as an opportunity to ask our plumbing experts to perform an assessment on the overall health of their water heater system. We performed a water test to provide information on the water hardness of the client’s home. A higher concentration of minerals makes water hard, while a lower centration makes water soft. Scale is the accumulation of mineral deposits along the water lines. Whenever necessary, we provide detailed recommendations on water filtration based on the water test.

Our client decided to purchase our plumbing membership program, which includes service discounts as well as an annual water heater flush. Annual water heater flushing keeps your unit running smoothly, improves its efficiency, and prolongs its lifespan.

When it comes to your plumbing system, don’t let issues buildup—literally!

California Plumbing’s membership service plans will keep your water running properly. Give us a call today to learn more. 

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