Toilet & Sink Replacement Gives La Jolla Home Peace & Comfort

Imagine waking up one Saturday morning with bright eyes and a bushy tail. It’s the weekend—finally! You spring out of bed and step into the bathroom to freshen up for the day, only to be taken aback by a busted sink and toilet. What a mess!

Bathroom appliances should be both functional and delightful. The bathroom is a sanctuary for essential daily hygiene. When something doesn’t look good or work properly, it can really drive you up the wall. 

We received a call from a client who was eager to restore their bathrooms to a state of tranquility and working operation. The problem, they explained, was that their chipped sinks and faulty toilet had been bothering them for long enough. It was time for professional intervention!

Professional Bathroom Solutions

The sink is a daily staple. Our client’s master bedroom had two sinks, which had been chipped.

Deciding that it was time to add some pizazz, our client requested we replace the old sinks with two new vessel sinks.

Vessel Sink Installation

The vessel sink is a design in which the sink basin sits atop the counter. Vessel sinks are installed to be proudly displayed for their shape and smoothness.

California Plumbing technicians carefully removed the chipped sinks from the damaged bathroom. We installed and caulked two new identical sinks, and checked to ensure that no leaks emerged. 

Our technicians also installed pop up assemblies into the master bedroom sinks, as well as into the guest bathroom sinks. Sink pop up assemblies allow water to be easily collected in the basin with a simple push, and drained with another push or the pull of the lever. While traditional sink stoppers are visually and functionally separate, pop up assemblies are sleeker; they are integrated with the sink.

Sticking with the clean and modern vision, we proceeded to install the new toilet.

Skirted Toilet Installation

A skirted toilet conceals the trapway (the connection between the bowl and drainpipe) with a smooth shape. 

The hallway bathroom of our client’s home had been faulty for quite some time. Our technicians had ordered an identical replacement in advance, per our client’s request.

However, upon arrival, the replacement was not pressure flushing as requested. We informed the client and offered to order another toilet which happened to have a four week back ordering wait. Rather than wait, the client decided to proceed with the originally planned toilet. Our technician removed the old toilet and safely disposed of it. The new skirted toilet was installed with the skirt directly mounted into the concrete floor below.

We finished the skirted toilet with caulking. A satisfactory pressure check was performed. The water quality  was checked to be ideal for the house. We also ensured there were no leaks.

Call A Professional To Perfect Your Bathroom

Perfecting your bathroom does not always require a full remodel. Sinks and toilets are some of the most vital appliances of the home. Replacing these if they are old or damaged can make a world of a difference.

Our client was fully satisfied with the new, elegant, and user-friendly solutions. New sinks, new pop up assemblies, and a new toilet elevated our client’s enjoyment and satisfaction of their home. We successfully resolved their bathroom woes, giving peace and comfort back to the client’s home.

California Plumbing provides comprehensive professional solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential needs, including repair and replacement of water heaters, drains, appliances, and more. You can call us to schedule an appointment today. 

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