Underground Repipe And Two-Way Sewer Cleanout Solidifies Home’s Plumbing Connection To Coronado Sewer Main

It may be crazy to think about, but the truth is that everything in our homes relies on the performance of its plumbing. Even more fascinating is that the most fundamental aspect of your home is virtually completely out of sight. 

Beneath the surface and beyond what meets the eye are underground sewer pipes that connect your home to and from to the municipal water supply. 

These connections are crucial. Clogs or damage to sewer pipes can lead to poor efficiency and drainage, as well as sewage backups which can lead to flooding. Flooding from wastewater or sewage water is an unsanitary nightmare that poses health risks and causes water damage.

For one Coronado home in need of a fresh start, California Plumbing completely repiped the crawlspace and underground pipes equipping their home with a more solid and functional connection with the city’s mainline. Keep reading for the story behind this comprehensive plumbing project! 

Plumbing Repipe 

The old cast iron pipes in the crawl space had visible corrosion. 

We replaced the cast iron pipes of our client’s home with ABS fittings. ABS pipes are optimal for underground residential pipes that connect to the city line due to their corrosion resistance and lightweight durability.

We proceeded to cut and remove all cast iron drain lines from under the home completely, continuing our work towards the sewer line of the city’s mainline. 

Pipe Bursting The Mainline 

Before replacing the mainline section, we dug a 6-foot hole to access piping. Given the extensive nature of the project, with multiple jobs completed throughout the day, we took necessary precaution and care. Excavated dirt was stored in bags to be ready for refilling the hole at the end of the day, while the area was surrounded by caution tape and covered by support planks.

The hole we had dug allowed us to gain proper access surrounding the cast to the crawl space, where we replaced the mainline section under the slab and front patio area using the pipe bursting technique

We excavated the remaining portion of cast iron piping down to the clay connection, installing a heavy duty mission band to band onto the clay connection, and replaced all of the cast iron pipes with new ABS plastic piping!

Two-Way Sewer Cleanout 

A sewer cleanout is a crucial extension for maintaining and unclogging underground pipes. It connects to the underground pipes and extends above ground level. In the event of a clog, a sewer cleanout can be accessed by a plumber above ground to remove the clog with a hose or snake. Without a sewer cleanout, there is no immediate or convenient access to the underground pipes.

We installed a two-way sewer cleanout, which is even more functional than a standard sewer cleanout, as it provides passage in both directions of the pipe between the home and the sewer line. 

Once installation was complete, we backfilled all native soil and fully cleaned the area, which included cleansing the driveway with pressure washing. 

We performed a flow test and ran water through the newly installed pipes, thus concluding our work! 

Professional Plumbing Repipe

Our client is now happily enjoying their home with their reliable plumbing. 

The repiping, pipe bursting, and two-way sewer cleanout installation of this plumbing job should always be performed by a professional to ensure safety, compliance, and quality. These jobs should not be attempted otherwise. 

If you have any questions about California Plumbing’s highly-rated comprehensive plumbing services, give us a call to discuss how we can improve your home today.

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