How To Maintain Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are very popular for their efficiency and their petite size. They also last longer than their competitor, the tank water heater, about twenty years in total if well maintained. Maintenance time frame of the tankless water heater is dependent on the hardness of the water in your area. It can range anywhere from about one year to five years. Below we explain why and how you should maintain your tankless water heater!

A huge factor in keeping your tankless water heater efficient and at its best performance is making sure it is free of any build up that can erode the walls of your tank’s heating chamber. If the hardness in the water in your area is higher, it causes more build up and that buildup within the inside of the wall causes your water heater to work at a higher temperature to push that build up, thus being less efficient. Most tankless water heaters have an error message to let you know when it has become a problem and that it is time to flush that debris out. Your tankless water heater might have come with instructions, carefully follow and/or review them.

Items required:

  • Screw driver
  • Hosing lines (usually provided by the manufacturer)Hosing lines (usually provided by the manufacturer)
  • Bucket
  • Filter
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Water filter

Here are the steps in doing so:

  • Cut off the power source
  • Turn the water valves completely off that are attached to the water heater
  • Remove the lid of the tankless water heater by removing the screws
  • Remove the purge port valves caps located on each of the water valves
  • Securely attach the hosing lines
  • Twist open the purge port valves
  • Use about 2-3 gallons of your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solvent to clean out the chamber
  • Flush and drain the residue using a water filter
  • Tightly replace the purge port valve caps onto the purge valves
  • Disconnect and remove the hosing lines from each water valve
  • Review your manufacturer’s manual for exact instructions on safely restarting the water heater and tightly replace the lid by re-screwing it on
  • Turn on the hot water tap in your sink slowly to allow the air to pass through the pipe

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