Water Filtration

Cost of water filtration installation in California State
Low: $900   Average: $4,000   High: $6,000

Major factors that affect price

  • Whole-home vs. point-of-use: Whole-home filtration systems (also called point-of-entry systems) filter all water in your home. Point-of-use systems are placed near one fixture or appliance and filter water for that one fixture or appliance, like a kitchen sink. Whole-home systems are more expensive than point-of-use systems, but depending on what you want to filter out of your home’s water and the size of your home, you may need to install both a whole-home filter and a few point-of-use systems. The kind of system you install will affect the overall cost of installation.
  • Type of filter: The type of filter or filters you choose will depend on the kind of contaminants you want to remove from your home. The cost to install your water filtration system will depend on what kind (and how many types) of filtration you choose. For example, an activated carbon filter is usually one of the least expensive filters where an ultraviolet filter is usually very expensive.
  • Maintenance requirements: Some water filtration systems, like reverse osmosis, require more maintenance than others. Although this won’t affect the upfront cost of your water filtration system installation, it will impact the lifetime cost of certain filtration systems.

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Low: $165   Average: $245   High $375

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