Linda Vista Residential Main Water Line Replacement And Two-Way Cleanout Installation

There are some plumbing jobs that require digging down to the root of the issue. Read on for a deep dive on how California Plumbing discovered actual roots in a client’s damaged pipes!

Get Down To The Root Of A Plumbing Problem

It all began with a call from a Linda Vista client who noticed that their bathtub was backing up on its own, bringing murky waters to the surface!

Backed up water is a problem that needs to be addressed promptly, as the situation can pose a number of health, safety, and structural risks. Bacteria and other impurities can lead to illness or allergic reactions. Luckily, in our client’s home, the backed up water was still contained within the tub, but other severe cases of water backing up can lead to water damage. 

We dug up the yard to access the clay mainline, where our technician discovered roots inside! 

This broken section of the mainline needed to be fixed. 

The story gets even more interesting!

While this part of the plumbing system took us underground, this house had a history of problems that sat way above ground. In the past, the client relied on a single access point for unclogging and hydro jetting: the roof! As a plumbing entry point, the roof is actually considered so dangerous that many companies won’t work from it.

The affected section of the main water line required replacement, and installing two-way cleanouts would ensure that the line could be accessed from a safe location in the future, if necessary, rather than the roof. 

Water Main Line Replacement & Two-Way Cleanout Installation

A strong pipe connection is largely dependent on the alignment of the pipes and type of band. A great professional plumber will masterfully ensure a seamless connection between adjoining pipes and secure the connection with the correct type of band.

The previous band, where the intrusion occurred, was just a rubber connection. In replacing the main water line in the affected section and installing the two-way cleanout, all connections were banded with shielded couplings, which consist of a rubber sleeve encircled by a corrosion resistant stainless steel band, tightened by clamps. Shielded couplings are designed to withstand the heavy force and flow of high volumes of water and other materials traveling through the pipes.

We attached one end of the two-way cleanout to the mainline using a glue joint, creating a watertight connection. We connected the other end with a max adapter band. Adapters join and reinforce the connection between threaded pipes or pipes with different diameters. 

Cleanouts may be installed such that their access points may rise slightly above ground, or be flush with the ground; these access points are covered with cleanout caps that can be easily removed when necessary.

To complete our service, we backfilled the hole and cleaned up the entire area. We inspected the line and confirmed that all roots and intrusions had been successfully removed and cut away, and none were left lodged inside the pipes.

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