Stellar 5-Star Water Heater Replacement: Why Imperial Beach Chooses California Plumbing

There is not one daily task that does not rely on an appliance or fixture that uses water. So when problems arise, you need a plumber you can trust and count on.

At California Plumbing, we consistently demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing excellent service to our clients.

We are proud to share this success story of how we efficiently replaced a leaking water heater for Steve A. in Imperial Beach, who expressed their delight and satisfaction with a glowing, 5-star review!

Time Is Of The Essence

There’s no time for dilly-dallying when there’s a leak, malfunction, clog, or burst. Time is of the essence and communication is key when you need a repair or replacement. Furthermore, we want our clients to feel safe and comfortable when inviting us into your home to work our magic.

Our technician, Alex, arrived on-site just half an hour after our office received the inquiry call from Steve. “I like the fact that you get a text with the technician’s photo before they come over,” Steve said. 

Trust Through Transparency

After completing inspection of the unit, Alex presented Steve with several options along with pricing. 

We do our best to educate and inform our clients about the current state of their plumbing system or particular units, and if and how things can be replaced or repaired. We want you to feel confident in our expert opinions and recommendations without feeling pressured or “sold” on a “pitch”.

Alex was straightforward and transparent in presenting and explaining in detail the different pricing options. He was professional and clearly answered questions I had. I thought the cost was reasonable and agreed to have the broken water heater replaced.

Alex explained to Steve that we would be installing a 50-gallon Bradford White Water Heater, a gas flex supply line, a half-inch shut-off valve, one ¾ ball valve, two flexible supply lines, a pressure expansion tank, and a thermal expansion tank. 

A pressure expansion tank relieves excess pressure inside the unit as water heats, while a thermal expansion tank helps regulate the molecular expansion of water due to heat. Together, these tanks contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your unit.

Hit The Ground Running

Once we establish an agreement of services with the client, we like to get straight to work!

Our technician Brandon arrived an hour later with the new unit and parts and expertly proceeded to install the replacement. 

“Alex came up shortly thereafter and ensured the previously agreed quote was implemented. The final result was a professionally installed water heater. The technicians cleaned up the work area before they left.”

Call Us Today

The safest way to install a water heater or replace your existing unit is to call a professional plumber. We will inspect the unit and consult with you prior to the installation, ensuring that the new unit fits your needs and the dimensions of your home. 

Working with gas or electricity requires professional knowledge and training, and can be very dangerous. Any work that is done improperly may end up costing you time and money to fix later, or pose a safety risk to you and your household.

California Plumbing provides premier water heater repair and replacement services in San Diego and Chula Vista. You can call us to schedule an appointment today. 

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