Vacation Checklist For Your Home’s Plumbing

Before you go on vacation and say, “Bon voyage!’ to your home, there might be a few things you can do to ensure that you’ve prepared your plumbing for your absence. An unpleasant call to get while relaxing on your trip is a call about a plumbing emergency at your sunny San Diego home! This checklist will be the most significant steps to safeguard your home from any plumbing mishaps while you’re away!

1-Shut Off Main Valve. Shutting off the main valve is one of the best ways to prevent any sort of plumbing or water damage in your home. It’s likely you can find it somewhere on the outside of your home, which is common in warmer climate areas like San Diego! This step limits the amount water coming into your home preventing an unexpected burst pipe or similar situation. Keep in mind that this will affect your ability to water your yard(s) while you are away unless your sprinkler system is on a separate meter. 

2-Check For Leaks. Inspecting your home for leaks will help you take care of any found issues before you leave the home and rule out possible disasters for when you get back. Click HERE to read one of our past blog’s where we explain this step in more detail! 

3-Turn Off Your Water Heater. Your water heater can be one of the most costly running utilities in a home. Turning it off for a few days while you’re gone won’t cause any harm or damage and should save you some money. Some water heaters have a “vacation mode” which is a perfect alternative if you have this option. 

4-Have Someone Check On Your Home. Have a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor check on your house while you’re gone to ensure everything is soundly! It would be best to leave a set of phone numbers, not only to reach you but to contact anyone they might need to, Here at California Plumbing SD we are committed to providing you the highest customer service. Contact us for any of your plumbing needs this summer!

*This blog is for general understanding and educational purposes only and should not be used in place of professional advice. Please contact a professional at California Plumbing SD for a consultation.


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