Water Heater Replacement vs. Repair

If you have noticed that the water from your shower or faucets aren’t getting hot enough or hot fast enough, your water heater may be due for maintenance or upgrade. Consider either repairing or replacing your water heater, both of which can be beneficial for your home and help you save money in the long run. As with all forms of home maintenance, it is best to be proactive and prepared than to be surprised. A broken water heater on any day is quite the headache for you and your family. 

Important: This article is for informational purposes only. Please exercise safety and caution when handling home appliances. Always seek a professional with qualified expertise in gas and electricity if you are uncomfortable or unsure of how to proceed. 

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

Water heaters are generally expected to function for approximately 10 years. The expectancy of a water heater is dependent on various factors, including the installation, design, water quality, and maintenance. Regular maintenance can maximize the length of time for which your water heater functions properly. 

Water Heater Repair

As much as everyone enjoys a hot bath at the end of a long day, many homeowners forget to book their water heaters for annual maintenance, which is important for your unit to function properly.

Water heater maintenance is crucial in maximizing the longevity and efficiency of your unit. If you have noticed that your water isn’t flowing as smoothly as before, there may be sediment buildup in the water heater. Sediment buildup can cause corrosion, which can pose a safety risk while preventing the water heater from operating at full efficiency. Tankless water heaters require annual flushing to maintain the warranty. You can contact California Plumbing to flush your water heater annually, which will remove the sediment inside of the tank and ensure the longevity of your unit. 

Water Heater Replacement

Some water heaters are beyond repair and require replacement. A water heater that is leaking requires replacement. 

The safest way to replace your water heater is to contact a professional to provide inspection and consultation before installing a new water heater unit that can fit the dimensions of the space in your home. 

We do not advise do-it-yourself attempts to repair or replace your water heater, as working with gas or electricity requires professional expertise and can be very dangerous without proper knowledge and training. Moreover, any work that is done improperly will pose a safety risk to you and anyone living in the home with you. Your home deserves proper maintenance without risking anyone’s health and safety. Always seek a professional to repair or replace your water heater so that you and your family can enjoy hot water again. 

California Plumbing provides premier water heater repair and replacement services in San Diego and Chula Vista to help you extend the life of your water heater or upgrade to a unit that best suits the needs of your home. You can call us to schedule an appointment today. 

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