Whole House Water Filtration & Descaler Installation in Coronado

A house is widely considered to be the greatest and most important investment one makes in their life. Clean water is the lifeblood of a happy and healthy home, making water filtration and descaling one of the best improvements for your house, physically, structurally, and financially. 

California is home to water that varies in hardness, taste, and cleanliness, depending on the location. We had the pleasure of installing a whole house water filtration system and descaler system for a lovely Coronado home! 

The Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Water intricately affects every part of your life and home. Waterborne germs can grow in pipes, causing illness. Buildup of impurities, like sediment, and unwanted material can affect the performance of your appliances and the condition of pipes throughout your entire plumbing network. 

Residential water filtration improves the taste and purity of all water in your home by removing contaminants and unpleasant tasting compounds from the water provided by your municipal water supply. Water that has been filtered of sediments, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, arsenic, and chlorine tastes so much fresher because it is cleaner. 

Beyond improving the taste of your tap water, whole house water filtration promotes wellness in your life and longevity in the value of your home. Cleaner water improves your washing, cooking, drinking, and bathing. 

Not all water filters are created equal. Whole house water filtration offers more durability and long-term cost efficiency, removing more types of contaminants more effectively and requiring less maintenance than point-of-use. Thus, the owner of this Coronado home decided to invest in a whole house filtration system. While whole house filtration has a higher initial cost over point-of-use, it offers the most long lasting and comprehensive commitment to health and hygiene. 

California Plumbing’s technician installed the whole house filtration system along with threaded connections, supply lines, and a three ball valve copper bypass to easily regulate or divert the flow of water if ever necessary during repairs, replacement, or maintenance services.

The Benefits Of A Water Descaling System

In addition to whole house filtration, our client asked our technician to install a Flow-Tech Descaler System.

Hard water is a high concentration of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium. The interaction of calcium and magnesium with heat lead to the formation of limescale, “scale”. A mere one eighth of an inch of limescale buildup in your water heater may lead to a loss of over 25% of its efficiency. 

Scale is what you see when you see on cloudy dishes that have just been thoroughly cleaned by the dishwasher. It’s what you see on your murky shower glass walls and faucets, despite your best attempts at scrubbing. 

Flow-Tech is an industry-leading brand of water descaling technology. Through an innovative process that modifies the minerals’ structures, the Flow-Tech Descaler System significantly reduces the formation of mineral buildup, increasing the lifespan and efficiency of your water heater. 

This descaler system is entirely unique from traditional water softeners, which replace the calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium. The Flow-Tech descaler does not add minerals, chemicals, or anything else to the water—the system converts the existing minerals so that they do not adhere to the interiors of pipes, appliances, and access points. It increases your home’s energy efficiency, lowers your utility bill, and reduces your soap and detergent needs, all with little to no repair or maintenance.

Our technician successfully completed the installation of both the whole house filtration system and descaling system with a final check to confirm that there were no leaks!

Professional Water Filtration and Descaling Installation

Water filtration and descaling systems must be properly installed to ensure safety and efficacy.

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