Clairemont Plumber Fixes Shower With Fixture & Valve Replacement

Showers are a common luxury that are essential to daily routines. Some people enjoy long showers, while others jump in for a quick clean. Regardless of how you shower, the convenience of a simple turn of the handle is what makes showering so delightful. 

However, some showers have fixtures that have been used for a significant length of time in the home will inevitably endure wear and tear that can lead to less-than-enjoyable showering. 

One such concern prompted a Clairemont homeowner to call California Plumbing with the request to repair their shower fixture as soon as possible. 

Shower Handle & Valve Replacement 

A shower handle is what a person uses to adjust the flow and temperature of water when they are actually showering. What makes this possible are the mechanisms located behind the wall, including a cartridge within a shower valve that is connected to the hot and cold water supply lines.  

The client explained that when they noticed their shower problems, they removed their shower handle, which was believed to be about 30 years old, and unsuccessfully attempted to replace the cartridge of the Moen shower valve.

The workings of a shower rely on several different parts, and for every problem, there may be numerous possible causes that need to be distinguished. It is important to consult with a licensed plumber to correctly diagnose the issue.

When our technician inspected our client’s Moen shower valve, they found that the valve needed to be replaced entirely. 

The existing valve would be replaced with a new Moen Posi-Temp valve, along with the shower trim and tub spout.

Our technician marked the outline of where the new Smitty plate would be installed and proceeded to carefully open up the tile wall to allow for valve replacement, ensuring that the size of the hole would not be too big to later be covered and sealed. 

The new valve was carefully soldered in place, securing a watertight connection. Cutting walls and tile and soldering metal should only be performed by licensed experts who are trained to safely do so with the necessary tools and equipment. 

Our technician mounted the new handle before sealing it with caulking to keep water and moisture out of gaps. This is crucial when installing fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas. 

When applied by a professional, caulking enhances both visual appeal and function, with clean lines that give fixtures elegance and longevity.

The appearance of messy caulking can be visually detracting. Poorly applied caulking may not create the intended waterproof seal, allowing leaks that give rise to water damage and mold.

Our client was thrilled with their shiny new shower fixture.  

Call A Professional Plumber Today To Fix Your Bathroom Fixtures

California Plumbing is trusted by residential and commercial properties across San Diego for our comprehensive plumbing services. 

When a bathroom fixture stops working, it can become a source of frustration that disrupts the rest of your week. With our knowledge and expertise, our licensed plumbers will inspect and fix any problem, big or small, to save you time and help you get back to your normal daily life. 

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