How A Water Pressure Regulator Protects Your Home

Most of us wake up every morning expecting it to be easy and safe to get water from the turn of a knob or a handle. The daily convenience of running water is made possible by a water pressure regulator, an intricately designed mechanism that automatically adjusts to control water pressure within a specified range.

The Importance of Water Pressure Regulators

The water that enters into your home originates from the main water line. Most homes require a water pressure regulator in order to safely release the water from the main water line into your home plumbing system. The water pressure of your city’s main water line can be far too high for your home, or it may fluctuate inconsistently. A water pressure regulator essentially optimizes the pressure of water entering into your home. The regulating mechanism controls water pressure by constricting to allow less water flow and expanding to allow more water flow as it enters your home from the main water line. 

A water pressure regulator is necessary to ensure the longevity of plumbing systems in areas where the local water pressure is high or irregular. Residential California water pressure should be between 50 to 75 pounds per square inch (PSI). Water pressure that is too low will produce slow running water, and water pressure that is too high can cause harm and damage to pipes and appliances, including toilets and washers. 

When To Replace Your Water Pressure Regulator 

Water pressure regulators are vital to the structural health of a home and should be replaced every four to five years on average. You should call a professional plumber in San Diego or in your city if you have plumbing issues or suspect that your water pressure regulator needs to be repaired or replaced at any given time. Leaking pipes or fixtures can be caused by excessive strain on pipes from high water pressure. If left unfixed, the smallest of leaks can quickly become disastrous. Uncontrolled high water pressure can damage appliances and water heaters. Water hammering, which sounds like banging from within your walls, is a sign of irregular water pressure buildup that should be professionally treated immediately.

Water Pressure Regulator Installation, Repair, or Replacement 

It is best to call a professional plumber to install a new water pressure regulator or repair an existing unit, as the main water line will need to be shut off and rendered to align the fitting that connects the main water line valve with the water pressure regulator valve. An expert can repair or replace your water pressure regulator efficiently and correctly. 

San Diego water pressure regulator installations and replacements are valuable investments in protecting your home from costly damage to its surfaces, structures, pipes, appliances, and more. Our experts at California Plumbing can set your water pressure regulator at the correct PSI during installation, repair, or replacement, which allows us to warranty our work. Excessively high water pressure can be so detrimental that some home improvement retailers like Home Depot will not accept returns on appliances, and appliance warranties of some brands like LG are rendered void if the water pressure is too high. 

California Plumbing provides comprehensive plumbing services to homes in San Diego and Chula Vista and beyond. You can call us if you have any questions about water pressure regulators or to schedule an appointment today. 

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