Clairemont Plumber Repairs Leaking Toilet With Wax Ring Replacement

A leaking toilet is one of the hardest things to ignore. From water damage to unpleasant odors, the situation can quickly go from bad to worse if left unattended.

When a Clairemont homeowner noticed water pooling at the base of their toilet, they wasted no time in giving California Plumbing a call!

Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

The source of a toilet leak may be from various different parts, such as the water supply line, bowl, tank, or base. A professional plumber will be able to correctly identify the source of a leak and fix the problem accordingly. 

In the case of our Clairemont client’s home, our technician determined that their toilet was leaking at the base due to the deterioration of its wax ring. 

A wax ring is a seal placed between the base of the toilet and the flange attached to the waste pipe, which carries waste to the sewer. This seal is crucial for preventing water, waste, gasses, and other materials from leaking or escaping at the connection between the toilet and the waste pipe. Over time, however, the wax ring of a toilet can weaken, losing its watertight seal. 

Replacing A Toilet Wax Ring 

California Plumbing’s technician shut off the water supply to the toilet using the water shut-off valve, emptied the toilet bowl and tank of all remaining water, and disconnected the water supply line. The toilet was carefully removed, revealing the old wax ring and flange.

The technician determined that the flange was in good condition and did not need to be replaced, but it was evident that the wax ring needed immediate replacement.

The old wax ring was removed entirely and replaced with a new extra thick, heavy duty wax ring that was securely attached at the base of the flange. 

When moving the toilet back into place, careful maneuvering and expertise are required to properly align the wax ring, flange, and toilet. This step of the process ultimately determines whether the toilet base will be properly sealed and watertight to prevent leaks. Uneven positioning can make for an ineffective seal, or impede the flow from the toilet to the waste pipe.

After putting the toilet in place, our technician ran multiple tests to confirm that the toilet base was effectively sealed—no more leaks! They also made our client aware of the deep watermarks on both sides of the toilet where the toilet water had seeped underneath the flooring. The homeowner appreciated this observation and specifically requested that the technician skip caulking the toilet so that they could address the water damage. 

Call A Professional Plumber To Fix Your Toilet Today

A toilet is indispensable to personal and household hygiene and the performance of a functioning toilet relies on the workings of several different parts. When your toilet breaks down, call a licensed plumber to fix it as soon as possible. California Plumbing is trusted by residential and commercial properties across San Diego for our comprehensive bathroom plumbing services

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